Thursday, April 1, 2010

Phone message to providers today about subsidy booklets

Licensed and certified child care providers received an automated phone call from DEL today letting them know about two new subsidy billing publications. DEL has revised the publication ― Child Care Subsidies: A Booklet for Licensed and Certified Child Care Providers and written a new publication ― Child Care Subsidies: A Booklet for In-Home and Relative Providers.

Why are these booklets important? They contain information about the billing rules and how to correctly bill for child care subsidies. Child care subsidies are an important tool to help Washington families pay for safe, healthy care for their children while parents are working, looking for a job, or taking classes. The largest program, Working Connections Child Care and Child, helps about 35,000 families a month, or 60,000 children. That’s a lot of kids!

Both booklets are available on the DEL Web site in English and Spanish. Click here to see the booklets.

For more information about applying for child care subsidies, click here.

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