Monday, September 13, 2010

Seattle Times helps spread the word about Early Learning Plan

Here at DEL, we couldn’t help but be excited that local Seattle Times columnist Jerry Large shared the good news about the statewide Early Learning Plan with his thousands and thousands of regular readers.

You can check out his column “Getting kids off to good start” here, which ran in today’s paper.

The Early Learning Plan was released Sept. 1 after more than a year of work with partner agencies and stakeholders and feedback from Washington residents. It is our state’s roadmap for early learning.

We couldn’t have said it better than Mr. Large, who wrote:

“Washington state is putting what we know about building a strong foundation for children into practice in a more organized, coordinated way with a new early-education plan. The plan will get parents, day-care providers, educators and myriad social organizations talking to each other and working together.”

He further continues:

“All this is being done because brain-development research has made us increasingly aware of how important those early years are for children, and how important it is for the rest of us that children get on a good path early.”

You can see the plan and an executive summary at

The plan may be finished, but the work is just beginning. Keep watching for more updates!

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