Friday, May 10, 2013

Thank a child care provider today!

Gov. Jay Inslee has proclaimed today Child Care Provider Appreciation Day. The day is also celebrated nationally and is a time to thank child care providers for their hard work in caring for our youngest learners.

Here are some ways you can thank the child care provider in your life:

  • Download a certificate of appreciation in English or Spanish to fill out and give to your provider. 
  • Write a thank you note or create a thank you card
  • Share an example with your provider about a time they did something that made a difference in your life or in your child's life. 
  • Offer to bring treats or a snack for the provider and children. 
  • Have your child make a drawing for your provider.
  • Give a favorite children's book to your provider and include a thank you message inside the cover. 
  • A simple verbal expression of gratitude is always appreciated any day of the year!
Do you have an example of something you did to thank a child care provider? Share your idea on DEL's Facebook page

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