Friday, March 26, 2010

State Training and Registry System (STARS) going off-line April 1

Licensed child care providers are getting a phone message today from DEL letting them know about an upcoming change in the State Training and Registry System (STARS). Starting April 1, we are taking off-line the STARS database, which is where providers and others store information about STARS training history.

You can visit our STARS Web page to read a “question and answer” document in English or Spanish about why we’re making this change and what it might mean for you as a child care professional or a STARS-approved trainer or training organization.

Please note that providers are still responsible for all STARS training requirements, and still will be able to:
  • access their STARS training history after April 1 by calling or e-mailing us
  • search online for trainers and training organizations

1 comment:

Robert Werz said...

This is indeed a good move in the part of STARS (and now STARS/MERIT). The database can easily be accessed and more information can be retrieved here.

I like how they included a schedule for STARS/MERIT events, and notifications should a member miss an event or two. Keep up the good work!