Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Frequently asked questions about family home child care licensing rules available

The updated family home child care licensing rules take effect March 31, 2012. The Department of Early Learning (DEL) has been gathering questions from licensed providers and put them into a new "frequently asked questions" document that is on our website.

The family home rules are the result of an extensive, four-year negotiated rulemaking process between DEL, the SEIU 925 and others. The negotiated rulemaking team reviewed the existing family home rules, reviewed national research around child care safety and health, and made recommendations to DEL.

The rules do several things, including increasing education and training standards for providers and staff; enhancing standards around playground safety, food service, cribs, emergency preparedness, nurture and guidance, and screen time; and requiring a higher level of communication with parents around child development.

Learn more about the rules and watch the video of a December 2011 training webinar online.

Do you have questions about the updated rules? Email them to rules@del.wa.gov.