Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Governor announces proposal for new Department of Education

Today, Governor Gregoire laid out her vision for building a consolidated, streamlined education system focused on preparing students to compete in the global economy. Washington has come a long way in making children a priority in our state. Our governor wants to take the next step by focusing all education issues on student achievement by providing a seamless, state-level education system from early learning through career. You can watch her press conference on

Her proposal is bold, and it is sure to cause a lot of conversation this legislative session! She proposes creating one Department of Education with a Governor-appointed Secretary of Education. The Department of Education would include divisions dedicated to early learning, K-12, community and technical colleges, and universities. You can see the details of Governor Gregoire’s proposal by clicking here. The early years division would focus on “whole child” development, quality child care and preschool options, and parent education and information. This proposal will be brought to the Legislature for consideration during the session that begins next Monday, Jan. 10.

DEL staff will be closely watching this proposal and the discussion in the Legislature. Stay tuned!

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