Monday, November 20, 2017

DEL seeks Early Adopters for new attendance system!

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Hey subsidy providers: we have a great opportunity for you to voice your opinions and help other providers in your community! The Department of Early Learning (DEL) is seeking 200 child care providers to test out and provide feedback on our new electronic attendance system!

These “Early Adopters” will be able to try out the system before next spring, when it will be rolled out to all subsidy providers who don’t already have electronic attendance systems. Early Adopters will receive an orientation on the system and test it out in their own care settings. Then, they will provide their feedback on the system.

DEL will use this feedback from the Early Adopters to improve the system and adjust the orientation to better accommodate all providers, including those who have limited technological expertise.

Washington’s electronic attendance system was created because the federal government is requiring that we improve our attendance recordkeeping for child care subsidies. This new system will not only meet that requirement, but will save providers time, cost taxpayers less, and reduce attendance inaccuracies.

The new system is a simple, easy-to-use software program that works on an electronic device such as a tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Why should I volunteer to be an Early Adopter?
There are several benefits to becoming an Early Adopter of the electronic attendance system. Early Adopters will:
  • Be among the first to try out this new system, which will soon be deployed in child care centers and family homes, and to Family, Friends, and Neighbors (FFN) providers across the state;
  • Be able to make the orientation and the system better for other providers in their communities;
  • Receive monetary compensation for the time they spend participating in the orientation and testing this new electronic attendance system; and
  • Be fluent in system use by the time mandatory use is required in July 2018 for providers accepting subsidy families. 

What would I need to do as an Early Adopter?
Electronic attendance system Early Adopters are required to:
  • Fill out an initial survey to indicate their interest in being an Early Adopter;
  • Participate in the orientation for the new electronic attendance system;
  • Use the system where they provide care for one week; and
  • Complete a feedback survey about their experience with the orientation and another about using the system.
We anticipate that Early Adopters will need to spend no more than five hours outside of working hours participating in the orientation, setting up the system, and providing feedback.

Who can become an Early Adopter?
DEL is looking for a wide range of childcare providers to test out the system. We want to represent child care providers across the state, including rural and urban providers; child care centers, family home providers, and FFN providers; and providers who speak languages other than English. Because we are looking for a representative group of Early Adopters, not all those who volunteer will be chosen to participate.

If you are interested in becoming an Early Adopter of the electronic attendance system, complete this online form by December 15. Early Adopter applicants will be notified as to whether they have been chosen by January 1, 2018.

For more information on the electronic attendance system, including a complete timeline of the system’s roll-out, visit the Attendance Project website. If you have questions about the electronic attendance system or the Early Adopters phase of the project, e-mail the Department of Early Learning at or call (360) 725-4430.

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