Thursday, August 11, 2016

Early Achievers Offers Grants to Support Participation

Qualifying Early Achievers participants may apply for a Needs-Based Grant to purchase curriculum development and instructional materials, supplies and equipment to improve program quality.

To qualify for a Needs-Based Grant, participants must be registered in Early Achievers and participating at a Level 2, or be rated a Level 2, AND at least one of the following: 
  • Enrolled in the Tier 1 food program, or 
  • Live within a school district that serves at least 20% low income children based on OSPI data (eligible school districts include those where at least 20% of students receive free or reduced-price meals. To determine if a school district is eligible, visit the K-12 Data and Reports page on the OSPI website here). 
More information about Needs-Based Grants is available in the Early Achievers Needs-Based Grant Overview. To apply for a grant, participants must:
  • Complete a Needs-Based Grant application form and spend plan and submit to the Department of Early Learning. 
  • Complete the registration form to register as a vendor of Washington State by submitting the Statewide Payee Registration form and W-9 to the Department of Early Learning. Registration should be completed using the facility/business name as funds will not be awarded to individuals or employees. A payee registration and W-9 must be submitted prior to receiving a grant. 
  • Both forms may be faxed to: (360) 725-4417 or mailed to: Department of Early Learning QRIS, Attn: Needs Based Grant, PO Box 40970, Olympia, WA 98504-0970. 
Needs-Based Grants may be used to purchase the following types of items:
  • Materials to improve scores on the Environment Rating Scale (ERS) or Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS). 
  • Curriculum development and instructional materials. 
  • Substitute time. 
  • Training/professional development. 
  • Other supplies or equipment to improve program quality, as approved based on the application spend plan. 
  • Spending restrictions apply. Information on disallowed costs can be found in the Early Achievers Participant Operating Guidelines
*Forms linked in this post will be available in Spanish and Somali soon. 

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