Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Provider Highlight: ABC Kidcare (Mount Vernon)

ABC Kidcare is a licensed child care provider in Washington State's Northwestern region, in Mount Vernon. This provider has used social emotional learning, healthy activity and parent engagement to prepare kids for Kindergarten!
Kids in licensed child care practicing healthy activity.

Learn more about this provider's successes in this short video courtesy of ABC Kidcare: Provider Highlight.

Please find the script for this video below or downloadable here: SCRIPT.
  • ABC Kidcare offers a unique small group setting where children generally begin their journey with us as infants and continue in the program through graduation into Kindergarten.
  • The transition fosters compassion, life skills, diversity and community-centered love for others and themselves. 
  • Children help each other thrive through responsibility and independence as they move from infancy to self-sufficiency, into preschool years. 
  • We strive to teach acceptance, compassion and love through exposure of diverse cultures, needs and community outreach programs. 
  • Our parent volunteer program encourages parents to come into the child care to teach about their careers, interest and heritage. 
  • Parents are always welcomed and our small group setting, with flexible agenda allows us to accommodate parent’s schedules and availability. 
  • On this day, one mom came to offer a glimpse into her marine biology career with a lesson on ocean life. 
  • To encourage an active lifestyle, this mom shares her interest, turned career, with weekly yoga lessons. 
  • To help promote our inclusive family approach through self-awareness, one of the first welcoming scenes in ABC Kidcare is the child cubbies with their family photos. 
  • This is continued throughout the children’s day beginning in infancy with our family photo albums. 
  • Our strong parent support network is built on group outings, parent support groups and cooperative babysitting exchanges—allowing parents to be connected with each other. This not only fosters an important teacher/parent relationship, but it is a community approach to parent-to-parent support. 
  • There is a huge benefit for the children to see the adults in their lives working together. 
  • The strong sense of community continues long after the children’s time at ABC Kidcare. With a smooth transition into Kindergarten, many families will continue to come to group events and stay connected to one another.
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