Tuesday, March 8, 2016

DEL Celebrates Healthy Breakfast, Healthy Starts

Busy weekday mornings can make it a challenge for families to find time for a healthy breakfast. However, US Department of Agriculture data show that more students are starting their day with a nutritious breakfast in their school cafeterias. 

Even earlier, in child care, Head Start or ECEAP, Preschool-age kids are learning at an amazing rate every day. Preschoolers are just beginning to learn important concepts that lay the foundation for years to come. Eating breakfast improves concentration and mental performance. 
The American Dietetic Association states "that children who eat a healthy, well-balanced breakfast are more likely to meet daily nutrient requirements, concentrate better, have better problem-solving skills, have better hand-eye coordination, be more alert, be more creative, miss fewer days of school and be more physically active."
National School Breakfast Week was launched in 1989 to raise awareness of the availability of the School Breakfast Program to all children and to promote the links between eating a good breakfast, academic achievement and healthy lifestyles. 

A lot of the focus on this initiative is about school-age children, cafeterias and nutrition, but the message rings true for even the littlest learners!

The focus on healthy nutrition for children is a large part of the Healthiest Next Generation initiative, launched in September 2014. The initial goal was to help Washington’s children maintain a healthy weight, enjoy active lives and eat well by creating healthy early learning settings, schools and communities. 

Join the Celebration!

This week only, share a photo of your child or children's healthy breakfast or the breakfast menu at their child care, pre-K, ECEAP or Head Start on DEL's Facebook page or send it to us in a Facebook message, via email (communications@del.wa.gov) or Tweet it at us! We will spread the love on our social media accounts!

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