Monday, March 14, 2016

DEL Redesigns Scholarship Program

The Department of Early Learning is excited to announce the redesign of the scholarship program for early learning professionals! This will allow us to streamline services and support early learning professionals in their career development.

Beginning July 1, 2016:
  • Early Achievers Grants: Students pursuing an Early Childhood Education certificate and/or Associate Degree offered through a Washington State community and technical college will apply to for an Early Achievers Grant through their local community and technical college. This scholarship program is managed by the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges.
  • Washington Scholarships for Child Care Professionals: Students pursuing their Child Development Associate Credential (CDA), GED or attending a public University working towards a Bachelor’s degree will apply to Child Care Aware of Washington for a Washington Scholarship for Early Learning Professionals. This program is managed by Child Care Aware of Washington. Current Washington Scholarship recipients will continue to be funded by Washington Scholarships while actively enrolled and meeting eligibility criteria.
"We support a seamless transition for current scholarship recipients with continuous financial assistance, advising and uninterrupted course work," said DEL Assistant Director Nicole Rose.
DEL and state partners will develop a transition plan and will share additional information in the coming months regarding scholarship applications, eligibility and guiding resources for scholarship recipients (such as an FAQ document).

For more information about scholarships, educational programs and career options in early learning, please visit the newly-developed Early Childhood Education Career Planning Portal at   If you have immediate questions, you may contact MERIT Support at

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Anonymous said...

I believe we should be able to take one class a year, if that is what works for oneself. This should not be about taking 12 credits a year, any college level class are nothing but positive. I hope one day this will happen. As for myself I run 12 kids daily, I have 7 children that I have daily and 2 of them attend a preschool, I have 4 more that need to be screened and put into a program, this is trying and hard when you are a small business and trying to give the most to each and every child. Praying that one day we can take one class a year or even two, should not be limited to 12 credits a year. On that note, I employ one full time employee to help with care of these children. I have successfully had two more children be screened and will go to school one day soon, within 35 days. I have a couple of parents not willing to have their child/ren screened. Lets allow everyone to take classes and not make it a must to do 12 credits a year. I want to take a class so bad, but I know that I can not do in the summer and with the children I have I could not do 12 credits in a year. Please take time to reconsider putting a limit of how many credits we need to accomplish in a year.