Wednesday, May 23, 2018

DEL seeking comments on proposed aligned licensing rules

DEL is soliciting comments on its proposed aligned licensing rules. The purpose of the proposed rules is to:
  • align foundational standards of care for early learning programs administered by family home and center child care providers while accommodating unique differences between their environments;
  • better equip early learning providers with the necessary skills and knowledge to administer programs that fully protect the health and safety of children in their care while delivering the best possible care;
  • address critical health and safety needs of children enrolled in early learning programs;
  • promote cultural diversity; and
  • meet federal requirements.

The proposed rules and small business economic impact statement are available at

DEL will accept comments through June 27. Comments may be made online at, by email to, or in person at one of these hearings:

June 26
6:00 – 7:30
Everett Library Auditorium
2702 Hoyt Avenue, Everett
June 26
7:00 – 8:00
Chehalis Library Meeting Room
400 N Market Blvd., Chehalis
June 27
5:00 – 7:30
Yakima Room, Greenough Conference Center
33 S. 2nd Ave., Yakima

This is the first of three rule making phases under which DEL will adopt the rules negotiated by family home, center, and Head Start/ECEAP providers, families, and DEL Licensors. The three phases are:
  1. Proposed new sections in chapter 170-300 WAC and amended WAC 170-300-0005 Definitions filed in May 2019 with a planned adoption at the end of the comment period. Final rules will be filed with a delayed effective date of Summer 2019;
  2. Proposed amendments to current WACs 170-300-0148 Gardens in outdoor early learning program space, 170-300-0235 Safe water sources, 170-300-0291 Infant and toddler safe sleep practices, 170-300-0400 Application materials, 170-300-0410 License and program location, and 170-300-0465 Retaining facility and program records expected to be filed in February 2019 with a planned effective date of Summer 2019 to coincide with the new rules adopted in Phase 1; and
  3. In 2020, amend chapter 170-300 WAC to insert weights after a weight validated study is conducted.

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